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Mike Gable, DPT — Bishop, California’s Physical Therapist

Is your goal to reduce medications or avoid surgery?

Have you had negative diagnostic tests but persistent pain or dysfunction?

Do you desire to walk easier, run faster, work more efficiently, play longer, sleep deeper, or just feel better?

… Eastern Sierra Physical Therapy and Wellness may have the answer you are searching for!

  • Most insurances accepted with a physical therapy prescription
  • Discounts for cash payments

Beyond Tape: The Guide to Climbing Injury Treatment and Prevention

A new treatment and prevention book for rock climbers, with simple treatments and exercises to keep you on the wall and off the couch! Self-care advice for common strains and injuries, and science-based advice on how to avoid them. From one climber to another!


Do your climbing shoes need help? Use the Rubber Room in Bishop, CA for all of your resole needs!!

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Mike Gable – One-on-one care for your physical therapy and wellness needs