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Mike GableMike is the owner of Eastern Sierra Physical Therapy and Wellness. He received his Masters and Doctorate degrees in physical therapy from Pacific University in Oregon and combines his traditional physical therapy background with advanced manual and exercise techniques according to the latest research.

Mike believes that bridging the gap between Western and Complimentary medicine is the key to creating the optimal environment for the body to heal itself.  Specializing in myofascial release as developed by pioneering physical therapist John F Barnes,   Mike addresses each person’s individual needs by combining these techniques with specialized education, self treatment, and home exercise programs during one-on-one treatment sessions.  He enjoys applying these principles while working with people of all ages and activity levels to assist them with returning or progressing to the life that they desire whether that be competing as an elite athlete or independently getting out of bed in the morning.  He founded Eastern Sierra Physical Therapy and Wellness in 2010 in an effort to provide people of the Eastern Sierra and beyond with individualized quality one-on-one  care for helping them to achieve the life they want to lead.

Beyond Tape: The Guide to Climbing Injury Treatment and Prevention

A new treatment and prevention book for rock climbers, with simple treatments and exercises to keep you on the wall and off the couch! Self-care advice for common strains and injuries, and science-based advice on how to avoid them. From one climber to another!