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The body’s joints are where 2 bones come together to create fluid movement.  This fluidity can be compromised if these bones become misaligned, which can cause pain, decreased range of motion, and a lack of functional mobility.  The techniques we use aim to realign your joints through mobilization, via the Mulligan and Maitland-Australian approaches, and manipulation, via various osteopathic and physical therapy approaches taught through the University of Southern California.  For more information, visit,, and

I am a climber and  mt. biker and over the last  10 years have needed a Physical Therapist numerous  times–each time never quite feeling the results  I was expecting, Luckily I was referred to Mike Gable. My concept of a Physical Therapist is someone working with my body and working with me to make my body heal. Mike is 100 % hands on the entire time, stretching and massaging and working with the injury. In the last  year and a half I have had some major surgery to repair my shoulders due to climbing and a mountain biking injury. Both shoulders were predicted to take up to a year to heal making me unable to climb for a  whole year. With the first shoulder I was able to start climbing and biking  at 7 months. The second shoulder I have been able to start climbing at 3 1/2 months, at least 6  to 8 months early !  I attribute this solely to Mike. He’s an amazing Physical Therapist. –Marsha