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Fascia is a three-dimensional web of connective tissue that surrounds and connects every structure in our bodies (including muscle, bone, blood vessels, internal organs, nerves, etc.) and goes all the way down to the cellular level.  Restrictions within this system, whether caused by trauma, excessive repetitive motions, postural problems, or surgery, can cause significant pain, loss of motion, decreased strength, and often times contribute to depression and anxiety.  These restrictions do not show up on any standard radiological testing such as Xrays, MRIs, and CAT scans and can often be the missing link in addressing chronic pain situations.  These restrictions in the fascial tissue can be released by the sustained, low-intensity stretch or pressure involved with the gentle and highly effective techniques of myofascial release.  Preventing future restrictions or a return of past restrictions is addressed through education, self-treatment techniques, and a home exercise program that is unique to each individual.  For more information, visit

All of the services used in our clinic are based on the principles of myofascial release.

Mike Gable helped me immensely – my knee is pain free thanks to the effectiveness of the myofascial release work Mike did. My knee has a long history of accidents (skiing and motorcycle), abuse (cross country backpacking and dance), and subsequent surgeries.  Over the years, my knee occasionally spoke to me. I could usually get it to quiet back down in a day or two. Late 2007, I injured my knee again; however, this time, I couldn’t get it to quiet back down. I started a round of visiting some amazing practitioners of all sorts (Western medicine and alternative). I improved immensely…I got about 60% better and I successfully backpacked again. I was very happy and grateful for that amount of improvement, but I still felt vulnerability and some pain in the knee. I had a feeling that I needed work done on the fascial tissue itself, and I had heard that Mike had a lot of training in Myofascial Release. I didn’t know what to expect and went to my first appointment with some trepidation, expecting a painful experience. The work is very subtle and not painful at all – in fact, it felt good the whole time. The night of my first treatment, I realized that for the first time in almost a year, I had no pain in my knee. I was fortunate to be able to have several more treatments. Besides helping me to be pain free, the release work also allowed me to make significantly more progress with my strengthening and alignment exercise program. Recently, I put my knee to the test, backcountry skiing in some very icy conditions. I felt trust in my knee, and experienced no pain. While I am sure the technique itself deserves credit, I also believe Mike is a very intuitive and sensitive healer.

Margy Verba

PMA Certified Pilates Instructor